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This website aims to make KP Brehmer’s work and its setting accessible to you. In the Showroom an alternating selection of works with a topical or technical focus will be presented. Further information such as the Exhibition directory, Biography and Bibliography allow for further research.
In the Archive large parts of KP Brehmer’s oeuvre are made available for professional research purposes. It should function as a foundation for a work directory. The tabs News and Contact enable participation in current exhibitions and events around the work of KP Brehmer.
We are also most happy to answer your questions personally!

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Jelle and Sebastian Brehmer
März - Juni 2019
Kunst und Propaganda
Kunst und Propaganda
Juli 2019 - März 2020
Kunst und Propaganda
März - August 2020
Kunst und Propaganda
KP Brehmer, [Klaus Peter Brehmer] (1938 – 1997), German graphic artist, painter and film maker. Professor at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg (University of Fine Arts, Hamburg). Most of his works are viewed as Political Art; subject and objective is the visualisation of political and societal tendencies. The works dating from the 1960s and 1970s are classed as “Capitalistic Realism” – and most recently – European Pop Art with a particular political character. Brehmer’s works are represented in numerous important museums and collections.